Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department

Los Angeles County Sheriff Unveils 17 new eletric Mini Coopers

Sheriff Leroy Baca, along with Chief David Betkey and Captain Scott Edson in a press conference On Monday, September 14, 2009,    Sheriff Lee Baca held a press conference to announce the participation of a one-year test program with MINI USA, which is a subsidiary of BMW.   Through this test program, the Sheriff’s Department will lease 17 fully electric Mini Coopers and utilize them for nonemergency-related functions.   The vehicles will be assigned to the Sheriff’s Headquarters Bureau, Personnel Administration, Fleet Management Bureau, STARS Center,  San Dimas Station, Santa Clarita Station, Temple Station, Malibu/Lost Hills Station, West Hollywood Station and Pierce College.   Charging stations will be located at the Pitchess Detention Center and all of the above listed locations.   The Mini Cooper is capable of traveling approximately 100 miles on a three-hour charge.  
BMW mini Cooper with the Sheriff's Department Insignia The Mini Cooper is a two-seated vehicle that runs solely on a high-performance, rechargeable, lithium ion battery, with no internal combustion engine.   It is powered by a 150-kilowatt, 201 horsepower electric motor.   The Mini Cooper can effortlessly travel from 0-65 mph in 8.5 seconds and has a top speed of 95 mph.
interior of the "BMW Mini Cooper" This zero emission Mini is not only great for the environment, but it is also cost-effective for the county.   In partnership with MINI USA and the BMW group, the Sheriff’s Department will provide valuable feedback about the vehicle, gain information on whether these clean energy fuel vehicles can withstand the rigors of use in a  large municipal environment and provide insight about green alternatives for the future.   Sheriff Baca stated, “the Mini Cooper is like a Deputy Sheriff; tough, flexible, diverse and durable.”